New Releases

The original release of (Who) Be Dat came before the project had reached it's zenith! This prompted a new release to hit that projection. Fortunately, no CD was released with the previous version. More attention and detail could be paid to the design of the CD/Album cover.


It's All About Sound

Recording in the box is a challenge. It takes more effort and experience to get the big sound we're used to hearing, that drives the funk. "In your face" mixes require in-your-face technology plus able hears and hands to control it. Then, there's the privilege of being able to tweak a thing until it's funkin on, on it's own.

The initial release gave the direction and set the pace. Following it and picking up from there was easier than anticipated but, still complicated and difficult enough to require more support. That included a few new quitars, but not all of those you see here are mine.

Second CD/Album In Progress

Selecting material for the second album has been underway for sometime now. In fact, material has already been recorded, and to some extent, also mixed. In following with the foundation of jazz harmonies played to hip-hop rhythms, with a funky bass, this music will cause more than your hip to hop and your feet to bop.
In the end, it's all about love, and love is...

This one will have a more "Hop-Jazz" flavor. Out of repect for some of my chronies, some that no longer "funk-up-da-flo" with us, you'll find some "Savoy" moves and some "King Dizz and the Kwankalots" (I hope I got that right!) harmonies.

Some of the titles you'll find:
  • Feet Don't Fail Me Now (let's git da rhythm wid da feet)
  • Goz Dat Bo
  • Hello (I Love You)
  • ****and a few more****

There'll be somewhere around ten good reasons to get the new album...and the album after that, and the one after that, and...