Fat City Studio

A house of Funk! You can drop every other kind of music at the door, before you go in.


The Picture is Blank?

I know, I know. This is the page for studio puictures, but there ain't none. For the simple reason that I am still to be graced with the perfect location and properties ever used for an audio studio dedicated to Da Funk.

You would think it to be easy to find a place de-centralized that has no neighbors, no rivers or lakes, no train stations or airports, no highways, and relatively inexpensive? Maybe in the Sahara. Not in Europe where I happen to be at the time of this writing. There's an A.P.B. out. Everyone's in on it, all on the lookout. So it'as just a matter of time.

In The Mean Time, Between Time...

The objective is to use this to the advantange. This is an opportunity to revise some methodolgies, to optimize the work-flow and pick up on some other talents in the Funky Realm. The process is ongoing, innovation is all around us. The need for creativity has never been greater in the music world. From the productive stand point, musicians have to reach for every posibility to be heard and seen, to sell and perform music, and in this case, to be booked. Expansion to different media platforms is essential. Cooboration has now become strategy. Idea sharing and resource sharing have become commonplace. Even distances are no longer a problem. Though the focus right now is set on production and an adequate place to do that, many things can and will happen.

Also, there are some fantastic young talents on the stage these days that could use some support, maybe some direction. It's always an honor to support young talents. Where some just need a helping hand, others need to expand their writing, arrangement and recording skills. They need more expertise, more knowledge about the production process. They also need some detail in the mixing process as a whole.

Thin is in, fat is where it's at -- Fat City!