Live in Fat City

Thin is in, and fat is where it's at.


All Those guitars?

But, ain't nobody playing 'em? What can I say. Situation's completely unacceptable. But, more things are tuning up than just the guitars I have. There's an unprecedented demand for live music. Everyone wants to hear and see live music performed -- everywhere. Even so, in some areas it's difficult to get gigs. There aren't many places you can just play. It's becoming more and more common to have private gigs unorganized and unarranged. It's almost as if you have to force people to trust the music and have a good time with it. We're not really fearful of music, but we need to be reminded.

We need to remember how important live music is in our lives. How important it is to hear and see some artist rise to an occasion and grace an audience with "songs in the key of life", as Stevie once put it.

As for RobeLee

When the current production is sealed and the album is sitting in Fat City's "Hall-of-Fame", there'll be more capacity to organize the new Fat City Band. To put the perfect blend of jazz and funk musicians together is an awesome task. It will take time, patience and creative ears and eyes to get the hottest funkable band together. But, the results will be immeasureably good!