RobeLee, (Who) Be Dat

featured live in Fat City

The test of time and patience has paid off. The fruits of sweet melodies, hot rhythms and funky grooves have rippened. They're now available for everyone to take part of. Not "mainstream", but main thang. Let this album capture your attention. Focus on what moves more than the feet.

"It's not just about singin and dancin, hot romancin! You want songs that do more than reach for higher ground." Some grooves turn it up, others turn you on, but definitely reach you at the level of emotion taking form in your life. What lives and loves in Fat City, is influenced by it. Take this passionate ride. RobeLee


(Who) Be Dat

The start of a beautiful thing

Venturing out solo, recording, mixing and mastering the first solo album opened the door and paved the way for every fantastic thing that has come after it and is still coming. Fans have waited long to finally get their funky reward.


Musical Adventures

now in this world, where audio has a new meaning.

All songs were composed and performed by RobeLee. "It happens, when your feeling it, you have so much inside, the many melodic and rhythmic voices developing right then." Finding that inner expression on a particular instrument and bringing that to audible life, something that can be felt and experienced, is every musician's secret goal.


Concerts, Performances, Anouncements, Videos

See RobeLee live in Fat City. Find out where and when I'm appearing live near you.

The New Album

What's up with that? When is it coming?

Fat City Studio

How far has the progress with this project gone?


All The Way Live

How can you? Where can you? When is the?

Camp Down (Da Hump)

This clip is not from a revamp of the popular recording released in 2013. This captures the essence of the original arrangement and adds a lil more hop to the hip (Da Hump).

Streets Of Harlem

...everywhere you are, in the clubs, in the bars. This is a clip of the original version of the song -- never before performed live...gotchu naked in da street!

Funk Wid Chu

Yeah, yeah, funkin on the 1. Here is the intro to (Who) Be Dat. The song is a lil over a minute here, but live -- we're gonna kick this up and down funk hill.

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